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CALM Potion - Spray Mist

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For a racing, anxious, or worried mind. For when you feel overwhelmed, agitated, afraid, or ungrounded. This is a potion for courage and trust. For feeling up to the challenge. Like a bubbly spa day, it grounds and relaxes you, helping you reconnect your physical body to the planet. Feel centered, grounded, and able to move forward with clear communication of your needs and boundaries 

Spritz your body or space 1-2 sprays as often as you think of it (ideally daily).

CALM Contains essences of: Elm, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Mimulis, Aspen, Lapis Lazuli, Mimosa
+ Filtered water
+ Lavender Essential Oil
+ Each spray has a hidden quartz crystal bead that you can string and wear or hang up once you finish the bottle

Sizes: 2 oz. frosted glass spray bottle or 1 oz amber glass spray bottle

Sprays are made for external use only, not for ingestion

Apologies that the labels are a bit hard to read. Please see photos below for a full size image of the label art.

A note about scent: I am very sensitive to scents and only include essential oils in the sprays as a way to stabilize the water from going stale. The scents are extremely subtle. If this still seems too scented for you to tolerate, reach out! If you can't even smell the scent and want something stronger, feel free to add your own essential oils at home :)

What are essences? Essences, also known as plant spirit medicine, are energetic imprints of plants, stones, and places stored in water. I use a combination of essences, many that I have made myself in Philadelphia by sitting with plants or stones and listening to their stories as the petals soak in spring water in the sunshine. I supplement my homemade essences with some from the Alaskan Essences and Bach ranges. They are known as subtle, vibrational, or energetic medicine and work primarily in the emotional and spiritual realms, similar to how listening to music, sitting in the woods, or looking at flowers can impact your mood. There's lots more info online if you want to learn more! (Not to be confused with essential oils which are aromatic concentrations of oil from plants, or tinctures which are physical extractions of plant matter). This is a great resource from Dori Midnight about essences.

Is it real? For me it is. I am a mystical person who believes in the unseen, but I also am a doubter and appreciate science and facts too. I began working with flower essences after experiencing a surprising and profound impact on my personal health after using them in 2012. I've since taken courses, studied on my own, and offered personal consultations and group workshops. The responses from people I've made potions for validate my personal experience that they are real and have a special impact different than other forms of medicine. 

I hope you enjoy them and please write to me with any questions or responses.